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The most comprehensive feature comparison of top 10 mouse auto-clicker apps for Windows, Linux and MacOS PC in 2024

There are more than 100 different mouse auto-clicker apps are known as far. Few of them are really useful and safe to use in practice. Some apps are clones or forks of each other. Many projects are frozen and abandoned by their authors years ago. We have filtered out and analyzed all of them for you to be able to make a rational choice before download and install them. Enjoy.

Hello and welcome! The most comprehensive comparison of the best mouse auto-clicker apps for Windows/Linux/MacOS PC is here. Looking for a good autoclicker? 10 Best Auto Clicker Software selected in depth from 100+ candidates. Autoclickers are the bot programs that allow you to automate mouse clicks and key combinations. Only 1/3 of them could be described as an open source and public domain. In other words, this software is free for modification and redistribution without penalty. Discover the best free auto-clickers for Windows, Linux and MacOS to automate mouse clicks at work or gaming. Simply automate mouse clicking using macros, script files or motion capture to record and playback.

Do you want to automate mouse clicks using an auto-clicker? If so, I have got a handpicked list of the best autoclickers in the market. Auto-clickers are the real savior when it comes to simulating mouse clicks on a PC. No matter if you are an office employee or a hardcore gamer, an auto clicker saves one’s energy by doing laborious tasks such as imitating mouse clicks and actions.

Using the auto clicker is common these days but finding a reliable one is not a piece of cake. That’s why we brought you a list of the 10 best auto clickers. All of them are extremely effective and reliable. They also check your mouse clicking speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an auto-clicker?

An auto-clicker (often written as "autoclicker") is a software tool that automates mouse clicking by utilizing OS system calls that emulate mouse clicks as they have been made by human's hand.

How do auto-clickers work?

Auto-clickers work by simulating mouse clicks using OS system calls, based on user-defined settings. Once a user has set all the parameters, the clicking process is being executed automatically by a program.

What are the primary use-cases of auto-clickers?

They are mainly used for repetitive tasks, gaming, and testing. Often they are used in Roblox games, Soda Candy Crush, etc. Also autoclickers used by software quality automation employees.

Is using an auto-clicker considered as cheating?

It depends on a point of view. If you are willing to use it to just save your time, it will not be considered as cheating by you. But it can be considered cheating by some game vendors. Autoclickers may have features to bypass that.

Is it legal to use auto-clickers?

Yes. In all known jurisdictions it is legal in 2024. But some game vendors can ban you if you are using autoclickers within their games as cheater.

Are there free auto-clickers available?

Yes. Furthermore, there are open source autoclickers that are preferably used to avoid Ads and malware. The best open source mouse auto-clickers are The-Fastest-Mouse-Clicker-for-Windows @ GitHub and AutoClicker2-Record-Play @ GitHub.

Is a given autoclicker EXE file safe?

It depends on auto-clicker app you use. Note, may generate false positive warnings on many auto-clickers. See the comments tab on the corresponding exe-file page at If auto-clicker is safe, there are some reviews from real end-users that confirm exe-file is safe.

What is so called "butterfly clicking"?

Butterfly clicking is a clicking method devised by the gaming community to get maximum clicks per second in a game, specifically in Minecraft PvP. You can butterfly by simply placing two fingers on the tip of the mouse button and tapping it alternatively with both fingers. Thus, butterfly clicking is just clicking your mouse as fast as you can with TWO FINGERS, usually your index finger and your middle finger.

Is "butterfly clicking" better than "jitter clicking"?

Jitter clicking is just clicking your mouse as fast as you can with one finger, usually your index finger. Butterfly clicking is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers, and therefore gives you a higher clicks per second if done properly. But butterfly clicking is considered by many gaming societies as a cheating, while jitter clicking is not considered as cheating.

Can you continue a manual clicking, while auto-clicking app is clicking too?

Formally, yes, but... Warning! Automatic clicking rates are typically more than 10 clicks per second. Hence, you can not properly control and synchronize the manual clicking process and automatic clicking process simultaneously. Furthermore, when automatic clicking event is being emitted, mouse cursor will be transferred to the corresponding position, so you have to return mouse cursor back manually. It may be too complicated. I do not recommend to do so.

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I am the scientist and open source developer Stephanie W. Myers. My hobby is devoted to the so called Mouse Auto Clickers - computer applications for Personal Computer (PC), especially for Windows PC, that can emulate mouse clicking events as if a real human does click his PC's mouse buttons. Also I am interested in so called "quickest mouse clickers", men who trained themselves to click a hardware mouse as quick as possible, making a Guinness record. If you wanna test your own fingers with your hardware mouse or software app emulator of your choice, go to a "Click Speed Test Online" (google it).

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