Updated Apr 19 2021
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Fast Mouse Clicker: the application icon Fast Mouse Clicker | Honest Top 3

Honest review summary

Super simple and easy to use while still keeping the needed features for a good auto clicker. Unfortunately, the project has not been updated since 2016. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) on some PCs.

This program written in C using very old WIn32 API. The main window, buttons and texts may appear fuzzy on the novel high-resolution displays. Nevertheless, most users were satisfied with the app in 2016.

In 2020 there is no need to use this program, because The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is 100% backward-compatible with it, has important new features and all the old bugs fixed.

Honest rating: 3.7 of 5.


The table below contains all the features are typically required for mouse auto-clickers, but their order is selected by me. I assume most important features at the top and less significant at the bottom of the table. Note though your preferences may differ a lot from my ones, thus you have to analyze the whole table.

✔ designates complete feature implementation,
✓/2 means partial realization,
- asserts there is no such a feature at all.

Feature Present? Feature Present?
Open source project Regular updates and bug fixes -
Command line support - Record-play the sequences of clicks -
Random clicking in a specified rectangle - Fixed position clicking -
Checkbox to keep the app window always Topmost - Auto-save all the clicking parameters -
Can select an arbitrary trigger key for clicking Different trigger keys to start and stop the clicking in toggle mode -
Button to reset all the clicking parameters to default values - Deep WYSIWYG editing all the parameters of mouse events in a sequence recorded -
Hardware-limited fastest clicking via arrayed SendInput() - Runs on bare Windows (statically linked) ✓/2


Main window Help window
Fast Mouse Clicker: "Single" application Fast Mouse Clicker: "Group" application

Official site


Source code

This open source project has not been modified since 2016. It is abandoned by the author at Sourceforge.

The latest Windows executable


Email of the developer

Not available.

Selected opinions


Fast Mouse Clicker is a lightweight and portable application that you can use to test the clicking abilities of your mouse. It can be handled even by users with limited or no experience in software apps.

An important aspect to take into account is that the Windows registry does not get updated with new entries, and files are not left behind on the HDD after program removal.

Unfortunately, Fast Mouse Clicker has remained in beta development stage.


Great autoclicker, but for me it doesnt work at 3-4 clicks/s and below, it only start working at 5 clicks and above.

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