Updated Apr 19 2021
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GS Mouse Clicker: the application icon GS Mouse Clicker | Honest Top 6

Honest review summary

This app is a useful tool to automatically click mouse instead of hand. Moreover it has base 'record multiple clicks' capabilities. Unfortunately the GUI seems to be simple, but in fact it is over-complicated. The executable establishes strange Internet connections.

This program is written in Microfost Visual C++, but source code is not provided. There exist only few versions and the project's site has not been updated since 2016. Note there are some 4/72 antivirus warnings on virustotal.com. The app is linked against WSOCK32.dll and WININET.dll and possibly makes suspicious Internet connections that are not required by auto-clicker business logic.

In 2020 there is no need to use this program, except you are familiar with its strange GUI historically. Instead I recommend you to consider either AutoClicker2 Record Play The Lists Of Mouse Clicks or The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows.

Honest rating: 2.9 of 5.


The table below contains all the features are typically required for mouse auto-clickers, but their order is selected by me. I assume most important features at the top and less significant at the bottom of the table. Note though your preferences may differ a lot from my ones, thus you have to analyze the whole table.

✔ designates complete feature implementation,
✓/2 means partial realization,
- asserts there is no such a feature at all.

Feature Present? Feature Present?
Open source project - Regular updates and bug fixes -
Command line support - Record-play the sequences of clicks ✓/2
Random clicking in a specified rectangle - Fixed position clicking -
Checkbox to keep the app window always Topmost ✓/2 (Always Topmost) Auto-save all the clicking parameters
Can select an arbitrary trigger key for clicking Different trigger keys to start and stop the clicking in toggle mode -
Button to reset all the clicking parameters to default values - Deep WYSIWYG editing all the parameters of mouse events in a sequence recorded -
Hardware-limited fastest clicking via arrayed SendInput() - Runs on bare Windows (statically linked)


Main window Record multiple clicks
GS Mouse Clicker: "Single" clicking GS Mouse Clicker: "Group" clicking

Official site


Source code

This application is free but does not provide a source code.

The latest Windows executable


Email of the developer

Not available.

Selected opinions


GS Auto Clicker is a useful piece of software, allowing you to save a good amount of time you’d have spent on repetitive mouse clicking. Additionally, the program protects your mouse from unnecessary wear and tear. GS Auto Clicker is often used in ‘idlers’ gaming genre, where you need to tap a character thousands of times to perform a specific task.


Simple-to-configure and efficient program that helps you get rid of repetitive tasks by automating mouse clicks, while offering support for hotkeys and shutdown options (lock, log off, turn off, standby or hibernate). GS Auto Clicker is a small utility that can make clicks happen for you. Its sole purpose is to click the mouse, thus saving you time and effort. This is especially useful when you're at work or playing a game that involves endless clicking.

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