Updated Mar 04 2021
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Internet Speed Test Vanilla Javascript/PHP: the page icon Internet Speed Test Vanilla Javascript/PHP | Very Lightweight

This is very lightweight open source test of your Internet connection speed, based on LibreSpeed engine and written in vanilla Javascript/PHP.

When you play the clicker games they are often running via Internet, so to test your connection speed and latency is very important as well as your native clicking speed. Thus I have adopted a free open source Internet Speed Test for you, based on LibreSpeed engine and written in vanilla Javascript/PHP. This test does not belong to huge multi-media companies like Netflix, Amazon, etc. and does respect Net Neutrality.

It takes some 15-20 seconds to pass and for your convenience it is already started...

Test in progress, please wait...

IP Address

The test does NOT determine your IP address and does NOT collect any kind of telemetry or personal data.



What is jitter.





Source code at github.

Copyright (c) 2020-2021 by open source developer Stephanie W. Myers.