Updated Sep 21 2021
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The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows: the application icon The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows | Honest Top 1

Honest review summary

This auto-clicker does reach the absolute ultimate clicking speed 100000 clicks per second (cps) using arrayed Win32 SendInput() calls. It is the only clicker app that supports command line arguments and can be called from a Windows batch file. It uses native Win32 API only with static linkage that results in super-compact executable.

This program is backward compatible with Fast Mouse Clicker, which source code has not been updated since 2014. Unlike the predecessor, The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is undergoing intensive updates in 2020-2021. The most comprehensive result of that is an additional group clicking application included into standard distribution package, an easy to use Windows Installer made by open source tool Inno Setup.

With this open source minimalist auto clicker, you can use keyboard keys (or mouse buttons) as the trigger, you can position the mouse, then hit a key to click one hundred thousand times every second. The fundamental function of this autoclicker is to emulate and automate mouse clicking and help you get a rid of repeated click tasks on any locations, for example while playing video games on computer. This app brings new, never seen before features to auto-clicking. The program is fully customizable with many useful functions as well as being easy to use, fast and free.

Surprisingly, the latest versions of this clicker achieves slow clicking rates as well as the fastest and ships with additional app mentioned above, that allows you to work with group clicking, i.e. record and playback operations with sequences of mouse clicks. Thus most of Internet users recognize The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows as absolute winner in all the usage categories for auto-clicker apps for PC.

Honest rating: 4.7 of 5.


The table below contains all the features are typically required for mouse auto-clickers, but their order is selected by me. I assume most important features at the top and less significant at the bottom of the table. Note though your preferences may differ a lot from my ones, thus you have to analyze the whole table.

✔ designates complete feature implementation,
✓/2 means partial realization,
- asserts there is no such a feature at all.

Feature Present? Feature Present?
Open source project Regular updates and bug fixes
Command line support Record-play the sequences of clicks
Random clicking in a specified rectangle Fixed position clicking
Checkbox to keep the app window always Topmost Auto-save all the clicking parameters
Can select an arbitrary trigger key for clicking Different trigger keys to start and stop the clicking in toggle mode
Checkbox to keep the app window always Topmost Deep WYSIWYG editing all the parameters of mouse events in a sequence recorded ✓/2
Hardware-limited fastest clicking via arrayed SendInput() Runs on bare Windows (statically linked)


"Single" application "Group" application
The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows: "Single" application The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows: "Group" application

Screencast video about how to install and use

Here is a short intro video that tells how to download and install The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows. Also it shows basic quick-start guide to use automated clicks.

Watch this in Youtube.

Official site

mirror: open-source.tech/The-Fastest-Mouse-Clicker-for-Windows

Source code

This open source project keeps up-to-date mirrors for its source: GitHub GitLab.

The latest Windows installer

Mirror 1: Download,

mirror 2: Download.

If you are looking for a legacy classic version of the program with one hot key for start and stop the clicking, like one on screenshot below, you do apparently need to download v2.0.0.0.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows: legacy classic version

Email of the developer


Selected opinions


The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is a practical software tool designed to help you automate your clicks, thus eliminating repetitive manual tasks and saving time otherwise spent performing them.

The setup process is basic and the built-in user manual will help you find out any information you might need. It relies on the Win32 API, so it can perform as many as 10,000 clicks per second. The interface is pretty simple, but it's intuitive and among the few options it provides, is the possibility to set the number of clicks per second, the hotkey to enable it, as well as the keystroke when the program will stop.

While the default trigger key is 13, you can change it to a different one at any moment. It's also possible to choose between two trigger modes, in other words, use a press or a toggle to start the auto-clicking.

All the functions mentioned above can also be used via the command line and you can find out more about this by visiting the software's Help manual.


Free open source mouse auto clicker emulates Windows mouse clicks EXTREMELY QUICKLY, at hardware speed limit, using modern arrayed SendInput() Win32 API. Supports command line arguments, clicking parameters auto-save and RANDOM CLICKING. The only program utilizes fine tricks in Sleep()/SendInput() with arrays of 100-1000 mouse events, making up to 100000 clicks per second.

For your convenience, The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows has been scanned against viruses and available as Chocolatey package with unified installation procedure.


This little utility has one of the best click rates, with rates pushing 100k click per second. The Left, Middle, and Right mouse buttons are fully supported and can be triggered for clicking via the keyboard or in toggle mode. You can use an arbitrary keyboard key to trigger the clicking process.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows executes modern SendInput system call instead of the now obsolete mouse_event used in earlier versions. It utilizes a batch-array feature of SendInput and manipulates with Sleep to reach the ultimate possible performance of mouse clicks. It is also configured for use on PCs with multiple monitors connected.

Command-line is supported: TheFastestMouseClicker.exe -c -t -s -m -b , where can be 'press' or'toggle' and can be 'left', 'middle', or 'right'. One may specify any part of arguments; unspecified or unrecognized values will be treated as defaults (see them by running the app and pressing 'Reset to defaults' button.


Turn to this autoclicker that allows your mouse to carry out repetitive tasks you can easily customize via the GUI or command line.

It’s no surprise then that software utilities to help them avoid this kind of operations have been developed, with one example in this regard being The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows, which, just as its name makes it pretty clear, helps you automate your clicks.

You simply need to indicate the frequency and total number of clicks you need by filling in the dedicated boxes in the main window. Aside from that, you may want to know that, as far as the trigger key is concerned, a default is offered, namely 13, but you can change it according to your needs.

Moreover, selecting one of the two trigger key modes is also a possibility, which means the autoclicking can be initiated at a press or toggle.

It should also be pointed out that all the aforementioned tasks can be handled via command line, with details being provided in the “Help” section for this specific purpose as well.

On an ending note, The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is a tiny application that focuses on one main task and does it pretty well. It can trigger automatic mouse clicks depending on the parameters imposed by the user either via the GUI or command line, and its central attribute is ease of use, which makes it a suitable tool for any user out there.


The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is exactly what its name suggests: a program emulates many clicks automatically. With this program, you can emulate more than one hundred thousand clicks in one second. And of course, you can choose any of your mouse's buttons.

One outstanding configuration option this program offers is the ability to activate the clicks with any key on your keyboard or mouse. Not only that, but you can program the automatic clicks to stop after reaching a certain number. For example, you can program it to stop after one million clicks.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows is an interesting program that saves you from having to manually click on games or programs. Cookie Clicker, for example, would be much easier with this program installed.

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